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Philip and Marten Langley meet with Mark Merlin. The Langleys are the last surviving descendent of Sedgewick, Earl Of Langley. Nearing death, and bearing nothing but contempt for his heirs, Sedgewick buried his fortune of gold. Sedgewick also laid a curse upon it, should anyone not of Sedgewick's bloodline try to claim it. Sedgewick's nephew, Morden, out of spite, cursed the very path leading to the gold, to prevent any Langley from claiming their rightful inheritance. The Langleys ask Merlin to assist them in overcoming Morden's curse. The window for doing so, however, is only 24 hours. Merlin makes certain preparations, then journeys with the Langleys to England.

With the passing of the centuries, Sedgewick's fortune has ended up in Thropshire Park. Upon entering the park, a phantom manifests before the three men, warning off the Langleys. An Egyptian obelisk is hurled at Martin Langley. Merlin uses a 10th Century English philter to drive the spirit from the stone. The spirit next manifests within a carousel horse. Again it comes after Martin Langley. Merlin employs a charm, to drive the spirit from the wooden form of the carousel horse. The spirit takes possession of Merlin's body. Once more, the spirit attacks Martin Langley. Philip Langley is able to drive the spirit out of Merlin's body, with a potion designed specifically for such tasks.

The three men close on the treasure's location. Martin twists his ankle, and can no longer claim the treasure. Philip proves reluctant to claim the treasure, insisting that Martin must do it. Philip steps forward, only to have another spirit attack him. Merlin rescues Philip. The deadline elapses and the spirit fades. Philip proves not to be a true Langley, which is why Morden's curse only targeted Martin. Philip was only endangered by Sedgewick's curse. The true Philip Langley had already died, but a friend impersonated him, hoping to split the fortune in gold.







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