asymmetrical's House of Mystery #30 - Monsters/The Goblin King/Baby Universes/Problem Solved/The Fix/What You Need Vs. What You Want/Three Guys Walk into a Bar: Safe as Houses, Part 5 of 5; Lotus Blossom's Theory of Names review

Why Do I Love this Series?

It's a question I honestly ask myself sometimes...I mean I enjoy each and every issue of this series month to month and always find myself wishing there was more available but why? The comic won't be cherished in comic history alongside the likes of Swamp Thing, Sandman, Transmetropolitan and Y: The Last Man...and I don't feel its necessarily as thought-provoking as many other books I read can be. And yet...the story pulls me in nonetheless. 
Maybe it's the humor? I do find myself laughing at least once per issue...but classic Jack of Fables is still my favorite in that area... 
Maybe it's the characters? I mean sure most of them aren't that great at first when you get to meet them but after a few dozen issues they grow on you. 
Or maybe it's the stories within the stories? I know I definitely enjoyed this one...with guest art from a woman who normally does work for fashion magazines, we get a "illustrated novel of sorts". Perhaps as a way to tell a longer story without page restrictions or perhaps just being different, Sturges wrote a text story...several pages of cursive writing with full page illustrations by Carine separating the "journal" pages. It was the same story you get from watching Freaky Friday (mentioned in the story) or The Hot Chick but it's much better, mostly because it's internal dialogue. It's a much more interesting concept when you get the complete train of thought.
As for the package surrounding that story, well, I was right about the return of a certain character...but otherwise, I'm unsure what to expect for the future. I felt like the main story just gave us a farewell to two characters who first appeared back in the beginning and are now exiting the story without giving us a deeper look into what they grow into. In a way this saddens me, but at the same time maybe now we can get back to Fig...we'll see, the promise of learning about the Conception next issue urges me onward... 
In conclusion, this isn't the title I'd recommend most but I do enjoy it ever-so, and hope others can as well. 
Plus there were some goblins making gay jokes, is that awesome or what? (If you think I'm being homophobic, read the issue and you'll understand.)

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Posted by Silkcuts

HoM is a nice concept.  It is how an Anthology series can still work.  The mini's most of the time can be read alone or in context.
Yes it is not the greats in Vertigo's roaster when you think of story, but what I love is it gives tribute to an overlooked why of writing comics, the anthology. The Anthology is a something Alan Moore would preach its important.  It was his explanation that Anthologies teach tighter writing and he became a better writer because of them, that I now appreciate the anthologies. Bryan Lee O'Malley is a guy who started illustrating short shorties and now he is huge.  
Because Vertigo has a problem with attracting the adventurous readers it use to, there is not as much experimentation in a book like this, which sucks.  But whatever keeps it from being canceled.

Posted by Asymmetrical
@Silkcuts: an anthology, eh? I suppose, I think of it more as a showcasing of different artist's talents (which I support) but I never really thought of that...I guess you probably could just read the mini-stories and never once look into the real story, last issue's story was epic...really loved it was nice to see Esao do interiors
Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost:  I see it as an anthology, since what happens with the characters is just a more complex framing story, then the normal pager or so.

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