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The new monthly series that takes THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY into the twenty-first century continues. Meet feisty, young, almost-architect Fig Keele, who just happens to be running for her life. Unfortunately for Fig, she's ended up in the House of Mystery, a strange place like something out of her nightmares, where the bizarre inhabitants tending bar demand stories from visiting patrons to cover their tabs. And one of the customers tells such a tale — detailing the life of a supernatural process server who discovers an undersea kingdom — illustrated by multiple Eisner Award-winner Jill Thompson (THE SANDMAN)! 
Cress explains to Fig that the House of Mystery sits at a "supernatural crossroads between many worlds." Harry adds to the description by taking Fig on a tour of the House's many rooms. Fig confides in Harry her escape from the etherial figures in Issue #1, but runs off in anger when he asks her to share the full tale with the others in the bar. Fig tries to leave the House by the door she came in through, only to find that she's standing in the yard of the house she's been drawing architectural plans of since childhood. Cress and Harry briefly explain how patrons can leave and return to their own world, but for some reason the House has trapped the three of them, as well as Ann and Poet; when they leave the pub, all they see is the front yard. A confused and exhausted Fig is shown to her bedroom, magically created by the house. Harry promises to explain more when Fig is ready. 

In Too Deep

A tale of the depths to which a Process Server will go to complete his court-appointed duty.

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