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The Bewitched Clock

An Englishman, touring China, buys a broken clock. The shopkeeper warns the Englishmen that the clock, if repaired, would allow him to control time. Back in England, the Englishman has a strange dream. The figure on the clock comes to life, and offers him the power to control time. The figure also warns the Englishman that he will become a slave to time, should he not wield his power wisely. The next morning, the Englishman finds the clock working in perfect order. It's even set to the correct time. On a lark, the Englishman sets the hands of the clock back 24 hours.

To his astonishment, time flows backwards one day. Using his knowledge of past events, the Englishman amasses a fortune through gambling. A wealthy man, of towering social status, the Englishman purchases a small island, off the coast of Scotland. One day, while cleaning the clock, the Englishman accidentally drops it into the sea. Unable to find the clock, the Englishman suffers the clock's curse. For the rest of eternity, the Englishman is forced to repeat the day he lost the clock, over and over and over again.







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