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Amazo has gained the ability to steal humanity from others, and has done so to the Justice League, transforming them into androids. As Amazo tries to cope with his newfound humanity, the android Justice League is on his tail. Amazo is confronted by the android JLA after causing a scene on a gambling ship. Amazo throws the captain overboard to use as a distraction; however, this Justice League does not care about the death of one innocent over bringing Amazo in. Amazo, wracked with human guilt, saves the captain himself, and flees.
Meanwhile, Hourman and Bethany Lee look over Snapper Carr, who has also been transformed into an android by Amazo. Hourman discovers Snapper’s pet cat Starro hurt, but the android Snapper has no feeling. Hourman rushes the hurt Starro to the vet. Meanwhile, Amazo gloats over a captured android JLA, and Wendi Harris hears that someone named Hourman wrecked her deceased husband Rex Tyler’s manor.
After getting inspiration from Bethany, Hourman heads to the Watchtower to find Amazo. The Watchtower is empty, however, Steel’s lab gives Hourman an idea how to find him. He builds a transmitter that can detect the android JLA, and finds them captured by Amazo. Hourman breaks in, and defeats Amazo by using surprise. He reverses Amazo’s effect, stealing Amazo’s gained humanity and returning it to the Justice League.
Back in Happy Harbor, Snapper is back to normal, and Starro the cat is sporting a cast. Snapper wonders if the human Amazo, or “Humazo” as he dubs him, bothered Hourman. Hourman is starting to come to understand what it means to be a sentient android. However, he knows that he must now go to Wendi Harris and apologize for the damage he caused to the Tyler manor. He leaves Happy Harbor on the Timeship to meet Wendi Harris in next week. 

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Amazo has developed a great power: he now has the ability to steal someone´s humanity, making the depleted human an android, that´s how he transformed the entire JLA into robots, but with humanity comes a price, which is to be flooded by emotions and to surrender to every whim that comes with it and Amazo just can´t handle this very well, making this issue´s first pages very funny, even letting me forgive a little continuity flaw from last issue to this one, but that´s the magic this creative te...

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