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Continued from last issue, Ultimate Hourman has attacked the skeletal remains of Hourman, and starts ripping apart what’s left. Justice Legionnaires Superman and Wonder Woman try to intervene, but Superman accidentally disintegrates Hourman when Ultimate Hourman steps between nanoseconds. Ultimate Hourman leaves and the Legionnaires return home.

Back at the Justice Legion Alpha’s base in the 853rd century, Superman and Wonder Woman get healed. Still having to deal with the Ultimate Rannians, the Legion has requested the Blackhawks to blockade of Rann-Prime. Superman reveals that he did not disintegrate Hourman, but rather Hourman devolved himself back to his first circuit while Superman’s heat vision distracted Ultimate Hourman.

Superman brings Hourman to Tyler Chemorobotics for repairs. The workers at Tyler rebuild Hourman’s skeleton under their bosses’ orders. Restored to a skeleton, Hourman starts rambling about how disappointed he is in himself. Seeing his Ultimate self has made our Hourman realize how much of his life he has squandered living in 20th century Happy Harbor.

Ultimate Hourman figures out that Hourman tricked him, and tracks him down at Tyler Chemorobotics. Ultimate Hourman rips Hourman’s skull from his skeleton, but the workers at Tyler deactivate the Ultimate Hourman before he causes more harm. Hourman wants his consciousness transferred into Ultimate Hourman’s body. The Tyler worker must check with the boss. When he does, we find out that the boss of Tyler Chemorobotics is somehow Rex Tyler, the golden age Hourman.

While Hourman’s consciousness is being transferred, the Justice Legion is attacked by the Else Spheres, Snapper’s crew is lost in time onboard Hourman’s Timeship, and Hourman catches a glimpse of Metron in his dreams. Metron is angered at Hourman’s betrayal, and will not let the transfer occur unless Hourman renounces his selfishness. Hourman is now reborn.

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