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Hotwire's investigation takes her into the heart of darkness within the Necropolis, where she unearths a conspiracy to plague the city with a legion of mutated ghouls. Her detective instincts may have led her to the truth, but when the restless dead stage a bloody revolt, it'll take much more than that to survive long enough to do anything about it.

The riots are just building over the two policemen accused of abuse of power and killing a civilian. They are being held for their own safety at the headquarters and the new commander isn't happy about it. The force is stretched thin trying to contain the demonstration.

Meanwhile Alice,Peter and three heavily armed riot police fly into Mots Island and enter the facility looking for Brendan Glenn, the head of the research team using the facility for research. Alice and the 2 policemen head into the building while Peter stays with the controller.

Descending into the facilities most dangerous area Alice warns the men not to remove their gear as it will protect them from electrical attacks while she has a brass grid etched into her skull that acts as a personal Faraday cage. The walls are decayed and the lighting sparse down here. Alice deploys outriders (3 floating probes with sensors and lights to go out ahead of them), the maintenance is poor and the local suppressor hasn't been able to do its job in the lower levels. the walls in one section have been warped into the shape of a massive skull.

they come to a door and as Alice looks at it it opens by itself and the voice floats out" You Came, You Found Me!". Inside the room is a skull and ribcage surrounded by blue-light and thick twists of cable. In the same room the police find a bio-hazard bin with the remains of Yani's in them and the bodies of two exected contact works. Glenn is in the back of the room holding a pistol.

Alice questions Glenn about his motives for killing Yanis and releasing the monsters when no-one had any idea what they were doing until then. Glenn tells them that a voice in his head told him to do it. Glenn stands and revels he is a zombie with the back of his head a gaping hole Alice immediately realizes he is a puppet and this must be a jail break.

They rush for the door only for one policeman to have his head removed by a massive green spiked humanoid monster. Glenn explains he was a Brazilian drugs lord's enforcer who they bonded a million razors into his ghost form. While the spider-like one,his legs are knives, is a man killed by a mob of vigilante parents and those people always come back as spiders. the spider kills on more of the men. Lastly a skeletal child who can project terrible images into peoples minds attacks the last man. Glenn talks about the first test an innocent man charged with many murders who was trained to kill at long range but failed to work as his ghost was preoccupied with explaining his innocence. Alice tells him it wasn't a failure as it killed many people at the slums.

The last floating device identifies its self as the Soul Eater and fires at the razor-blade man at Alice's command. the figure explodes sending tri-pointed razors in all direction. Soul eater has a 30 second recharge time and they flee in the confusion. Alice orders the controller to open the failsafe as flood the facility with river water to neutralize the blue-light. She sends the policeman out while she tackles the knife legged spider, with a power source it can survive the waters. She returns to fire the soul eater but Campbell turns back and fires on the drone knocking out the soul eater, he uses his last round to kill himself. the child ghost controlled him to do it. Alice drives a suppressor spike into its skill and takes it down.

She races for the exit but the ladder is broken and with seconds to spare before the flood water hits her she confesses to Peter that i was her that leaked the footage of the corrupt policemen and started the riot after all.







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