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Alice wakes with a broken nose and a surly house guest. As more city blocks fall to the rioters, a murdered man staggers into Police City Central and discovers his death was only the start of the worst day of his life.

Alice and Peter manage to break the skull-ghosts conenction to Filthy as the feedback energy continues to build and with some effort they break for the car just in time as the levels reach critical and the slums explodes in an outpouring of ghostly energy.

They take the injured Filthy to the hospital and while there Alice asks about the man she shot in the legs the previous night. The orderly reports he never got admitted. Strange as she knows he and his family got put in an ambulance.

Alice needs a drink and has Peter take her to a bar where she gets drunk and Peter has to carry her home.

Back at Base the new chief has arrived and is not having a good first day, a zombie has turned up that is unaware that it has passed away. They put him in a holding cell until Alice comes in. When she finally arrives, hungover, the zombie explodes releasing a massive ghost Chinese dragon into the building. Alice drags the new chief to help as she combats the dragon with a riot-shield and spike. Much to her surprise again the spike is not enough to take down the Dragon and even more surprising the zombie is still conscious and this dragon is not its ghost.

the Zombie has in its chest a series of wires that a kindly Alice talks to the zombie in a gentle way as she explains shes going to yank out the wires. She does and the suppressor tower shreds the dragon, the wires were some sort of power supply for it.

In the morgue they discover that the zombie had been a mule, carrying a ghost inside it for Yanis, he recruits the poor non-citizens gets the to traffic a ghost but the flasks fail and kill the host. they theorize that this technology has been developed in order to weaponize blue-light, so you can deploy demoralizing and dangerous entities on a battlefield.

Homeland Enforcement has been alerted when radiation was detected in Love's autopsy lab from the containment flask. Alice is horrified at the prospect as they will come into the city and probably violently break up the riots and many will suffer. If she can clear things up in under 36hours she might be able to avoid the task-force being mobilized and descending on them.

Alice decides there can only be one place this threat could have come from, the Mots Island Maximum Security Cemetery and if she's going to clear up this case fast before Homeland Enforcement gets tehre she will have to field-test the Soul Eater!







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Hotwire Gets in Deeper 0

The Cover  Again a 3 cover issue to maximise profits (you can hardly blame them its one of the oldest tricks in modern publishing). The one I purchased Hotwire is yanking cables from the stomach of a zombie and as before the detail is wonderful, the characters realistic and beautifully constructed.  Again interestingly the 3 covers each give Alice a different face. One is dead on model from the internals but the other 2 seem to be at the discretion of the artist. The Story This issue we have ...

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