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Long ago Hotaru had ventured in the realm of outworld where he faced shao kahns tarkatan forces to protect the city called lei chen.Many years later he learns of the return of onaga the dragon king and he believes that onaga would bring order to the realms, therefore he helps onaga's forces attack and pursue those that would oppose and seek to destroy the dragon king someone like the lin kuei grandmaster, sub-zero. 
MK decption:ENDING
 Hotaru killing sub-zero
At Hotaru's mortal kombat deception ending it is said and shown that hotaru captures the lin kuei and brings him before the dragon king. Onaga's judgement of the lin keui was quick and ordered the seiden guardsman, hotaru pick his punishment for sub-zero, this punishment was DEATH. Sub-zero's fate  would be a reminder to all the other warriors that would seek to challenge the dragon king.
MK armageddon:ENDING
When he defeated blaze the godlike energy transformed the seiden guardsman into a pure being of order.  All would then bow before him or be transformed by his gaze. But there was one whom Hotaru would see pay for his crimes against all: the Cleric of Chaos, Havik. The light of Hotaru poured into Havik's mind and transformed him into an agent of Order-Havik was now transformed into hotaru's second in command.
 Grasshopper: An attack which was very similar to liu kangs bicycle kick except hotaru jumps up into the air and kicks his opponent sideways.
Lava Burst: He throws a magma ball to the ground,ascending his opponent into the air, leaving his opponent wid open for an attack.
Fury Punch and Escape: Hotaru dashes forward with a straight punch with a streak of magma trailing from his feet, then slides back to his original position. 
Quick Tricks: Hotaru does the same animation as the Fury Punch and Escapes, only this time he slides past the opponent and appears behind them. 
  Triple Neck Snap: Hotaru kicks the opponent in the thigh, causing them to kneel down as Hotaru takes his hands to the opponent and begins snapping their neck. He simply does not stop as he tries two more times, the third one strong enough to make the corpse flinch from the intensity. Body Slam: Hotaru takes his opponent's leg and begins slamming his opponent around, causing blood and guts to spill out. A third time, he slides the opponent's body and slams them, causing their entire body to explode. 
Hotaru takes a hand to his head and promptly rips it off along with his spine as he crumples to the floor. 

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