who would you like to see as the Horsemen of Apocalypse?

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For me, it would be:

Rhino (War)

Rogue (Pestilence)

Ghost Rider (Famine)

Silver Surfer (Death)

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nightcrawler dont really care which one.

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I think he should choose some C-List villains so that he has a chance to keep them for a while. Anyone else seems to break free in under an hour.

#5 Posted by DragonGateAcer (5400 posts) - - Show Bio

Elixir war or death

#6 Posted by Korg (11931 posts) - - Show Bio

War: Juggernaut Pestilence: Rogue or Omega Red Famine: Iceman Death: Sabretooth

#7 Posted by Tao Ming (940 posts) - - Show Bio

War:Hulk,Famine:Storm,Pestilence:Human Torch,Death:Iceman

#8 Posted by DragonGateAcer (5400 posts) - - Show Bio

WAR Iron Man



DEATH Elixir

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I like the Four Hourseman of the Apocalypse in X-Men Evolution carttons: Prof X, Magneto, Storm and Mystique.

#10 Posted by Korg (11931 posts) - - Show Bio

IcePrince_X says:

"I like the Four Hourseman of the Apocalypse in X-Men Evolution carttons: Prof X, Magneto, Storm and Mystique."

Whoa, that's ridiculous. Did the series end with the dawn of the Age of Apocalypse?

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#12 Posted by ConnorBradley67 (20 posts) - - Show Bio

War- A-Bomb
Death- Wonder Man
Pestilence- Omega Red
Famine- Storm

#13 Posted by ironshadow (1470 posts) - - Show Bio

 Fantastic Four Horsemen of Apocalypse  
War Thing
Invisible Woman Famine, put's force fields on peoples mouths and they cant' feed 
Torch Pestilence, a plague of fire
Mr. Fantastic Mr. Death,  he can stretch out and reach anyone and every one

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@ironshadow said:

" Fantastic Four Horsemen of Apocalypse  War ThingInvisible Woman Famine, put's force fields on peoples mouths and they cant' feed Torch Pestilence, a plague of fireMr. Fantastic Mr. Death,  he can stretch out and reach anyone and every one "

There's already been a (locked) thread like this, and I said this there. 
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@cbishop: I didn't know about that and I didn't read your post.
#16 Posted by Iamsam3 (102 posts) - - Show Bio

1st choice:  
Pestilence: Omega Red 
War: Deathbird 
Famine: Wither 
Death: Grim Reaper    
2nd choice: 
Pestilence: Puff Adder
War: Red She Hulk
Famine: The Melter
Death: Brimstone Love  
3rd choice: 
Pestilence:  Radioactive Man 
War: Luke Cage
Famine: Holocaust
Death: Nekra
#17 Posted by Fortanono (4889 posts) - - Show Bio
@Iamsam3 said:
" 1st choice:     Pestilence: Omega Red War: Deathbird Famine: Wither Death: Grim Reaper     2nd choice:  Pestilence: Puff AdderWar: Red She HulkFamine: The MelterDeath: Brimstone Love   3rd choice:  Pestilence:  Radioactive Man War: Luke CageFamine: HolocaustDeath: Nekra "
#18 Posted by John Valentine (16307 posts) - - Show Bio

Wither as Pestilence. 

#19 Posted by darth_fletcher (262 posts) - - Show Bio

War : World War Hulk
Death : Sentry/Void
Famine : X-Man (Phoenix Force)
Pestilence : Rune King Thor

#20 Posted by dorsk188 (235 posts) - - Show Bio

War:  Multiple Man (Amped powers makes him a literal army.)

Death:  Nightcrawler (Cloaked teleporter with a scythe.)
Famine:  Jean Grey (Telepathic hunger pains and psychic fire.)
Pestilence:  Wolverine (Loaded with every contagious disease oozing from his claws.)
#21 Posted by Girth (1041 posts) - - Show Bio
WAR - Thing
DEATH - Archangel
#22 Edited by Hazlenaut (1960 posts) - - Show Bio

Pestelince: zombie squirrel girl

War: Mojo

Famine: the original Kraven as a zombie

Death: Number None

Are we only allowed to use marvel characters?

#23 Posted by nightshroud1 (64 posts) - - Show Bio

gabriel summers vulcan -death rogue - famine empath- pestilance rockslide- war

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Punisher as War (don't care if he's not a mutant, he'd make a killer War), Nightcrawler as Death, Omega Red as Pestilence, Venom as Famine. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

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War: Bishop

Death: Elixir

Pestilence: Omega Red

Famine: Rouge

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I'd stick to mutants (the acolytes from xmen:evo)

War - Colossus

Famine - Pyro

Pestilence - Gambit

Death - Sabretooth

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Not sure about the others...................

#29 Posted by Mutant God (3020 posts) - - Show Bio

Pestilence - Leader

War - Onslaught

Famine - Carnage

Death - Annihilus

#30 Posted by kidman560 (7577 posts) - - Show Bio

war: Vision. (his body has been infused with Celestial tech amplifying his already considerable powers!)

Death: Loki (uses his magic plus celestial tech to kill people)

Pestilence: Viper (already uses poison, just has her stats upgraded!)

Famine- Deadpool (just because.)

this would be legit

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