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Horns was the first opponent of Dazzler when she was persuaded by Hugo Longride and Alexander Flynn to participate in gladiator style fighting as part of an act in front of the elite of Hollywood. Dazzler soon realized that the fight was for real when Horns nearly gored her with his horn. Horns smacked Dazzler down and told her to take a dive so he could win the fight. Dazzler became enraged and fought back but retreated away when she realized she could have killed Horns. Hugo sent all his fighters to the arena and had them fight one another to please the crowd. Horns broke a code when he ended up killing one fighter with his horn. The next day, Horns would spar with Dazzler in the training facility where he was taken by surprise with her moves and abilities. Horns went back to the locker room and told himself that he was the best fighter out there. Suddenly Horns was ensnared by two chains wielded by Max Rocker and Ivich. They told Horns that he broke a code and had to be reprimanded. Flynn appeared with Dazzler and told Horns no more sleazy tactics and follow the code or suffer some deadly consequences. 


Horns was created by Ann Nocenti and Don Perlin in 1985 and first appeared in Beauty and the Beast # 2. 

Powers & Paraphernalia

Horns is a mutant with enhanced strength that would gore his opponents with the single horn on his head. Horns wore some plated armor with some spikes laced on his wrists and hands.

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