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The Horizon Labs Team

Horizon Labs is a leading company in creating the most advanced technology in the Marvel universe. It first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man as the dream job that Peter Parker always wanted. This dream job was made possible by arrangements set in place by Marla Jameson. She was able to convince Max Modell of Peter Parker's genius. Max Modell leads the team of scientists at Horizon Labs. He has been featured in magazines, such as WIRED, on multiple occasions and is one of Peter Parker's science heroes. Tiberius Stone worked for Horizon Labs as double-agent.

Lucky Seven

There are seven lead scientists that work at Horizon Labs and each have their own individual labs. These labs are equipped with the most high tech and advanced scientific equipment. Each of the seven scientists are allowed to create whatever they can think of, so long as it is for the betterment of society. The Lucky Seven include Peter Parker, Bella Fishbach, Uatu Jackson, Grady Scraps, and Sajani Jaffrey. The seventh member chooses to remain anonymous but has been identified as Morbius, The Living Vampire.

Spider-Man Tech

Spider-Man Armored Costume

There are many benefits to Peter Parker (and later, Otto Octavius) for having a job such as this one. His laboratory space is private and locked while he is absent so this allows him to store all of his Spider-Man gear inside. Parker has also been using his resources at Horizon Labs to create special Spider-Man costumes. These include a stealth costume and an armored, bulletproof costume. Every time Parker discovers a new Spider-Man technology, he also finds a commercial use for that technology. He has used his inventions to create noise-reduction headphones and a more protective bike helmet.

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