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The people who would become Horde.

The creature known as Horde was originally several inhabitants living in the town of Stoneridge, New Mexico who were unwilling to vacate their condemned apartment building. While protesting against the local law enforcements orders for them to evacuate, the Leader activated his radioactive Gammaworld dome, an edge of which tore straight through the area and fused all the people together into one massive creature. Not only their bodies, but their minds were fused together as well, making the creature that would be known as Horde a highly unstable and destructive being.


Horde was thought up by writer Greg Pak and drawn by artist Leonard Kirk. It first appeared in the second issue of 2008's WWH Aftersmash: Warbound.

Major Story Arcs


The Leader managed to come across Horde sometime after its creation. With the people that comprised it still dead-set on defending their home, the Leader was able to convince it that the Warbound who were trying to help people escape his Gammaworld were actually invading aliens that were running people out of town. It was led to the Warbound by the Leader just as civilians were being transported through out of the dome through a hole Hiroim had made. Horde's interference nearly caused Hiroim to lose his focus and cause the hole to close on several civilians, killing them, until Hiroim used a blast of his Oldstrong powers to send Horde flying towards the other end of Gammaworld.

Horde attacks Hiroim.

Horde later returned to battle the Warbound, along with a mob of people being mind-controlled by the Leader to fight alongside it. Looking for some payback, Horde singled out Hiroim as its main target, but Hiroim sent it off with his Oldstrong powers again.

After the defeat of the Leader and the death of Hiroim, Horde was seen fighting alongside the remaining Warbound against one of Gammaworld's other irradiated monstrosities to protect a group of civilians. Whether Horde will manage to remain an ally with anyone for long remains to be seen.

Powers & Abilities

Horde possesses massive strength and durability from its gamma-irradiated mass of people - it was able to take on nearly the entire Warbound group by itself with relative ease. Its intellect is severely limited however, with its many selves having to try and focus on a single thought in order to act on it. Horde also possesses numerous faces and arms, allowing it to simultaneously see in multiple directions and attack multiple people. Some of its arms have even been seen using tools and firearms as weapons, although the mangled nature of its body makes it difficult for it to make proper use of these weapons, let alone actually aim accurately with firearms.

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