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Horace Vanderveer was the President of the National Bank. He was a wealthy man with a mansion, a private yacht and a manservant. The public at large was unaware that Vanderveer owed part of his wealth to illegal operations. He was the secret head of the Carlucci gang ("Carlucci terrorists"), responsible for a number of bank robberies and possibly some unexplained deaths. He had a relatively easy job organizing robberies in his own bank. As he could send the guards away just before his other operatives arrived. With nobody suspecting a thing. 

His luck ended one night when the Human Top foiled the escape attempt of the robbers. Bruce took the money and delivered them directly to Vanderveer's residence. Only for Vanderveer to call him a thief and shoot at him. The banker was easily knocked out. But the local press had an interesting report of the incident the following day. He was credited with saving the lives of both gangsters and policemen, arresting the criminals. But blamed for escaping with the money. Which indicated Vanderveer had never returned the money delivered at his hands. 

A quick investigation revealed that Horace had sailed for the South Pacific aboard his yacht. While leaving his gang to both attempt to kill the Top and organize a smear campaign against him. Bruce suddenly blamed for "fires, deaths and ilnesses". The Top had little trouble escaping death. He then header for the South Pacific to confront Horace. He manage to beat up the crew of the ship, evade artillery fire (courtesy of Horace), and capture the fleeing banker. Horace found himself transported by air to his home city. Where he was forced to make a public confession of his crimes. 

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