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Born in the future, Hope is a member of the Clan Chosen, a rebel group founded by Cable to fight Apocalypse and Stryfe.


Written first in 1993 by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Art Thibert.


Being the sister of Aliya, and thereby the sister-in-law of Cable (Aliya's husband), Hope is a member of the Clan Chosen. She is a strong fighter, but when Aliya is killed during a raid by Stryfe then Hope begins to question the motives behind Cable's actions, especially as he continues to travel from one time to another.

Scanning Timelines

One of Cable's returns also brings Garrison Kane, who stays with Hope's cell of Clan Chosen rebels. Cable returns after a year and has the team accompany him to Niagara Falls to destroy the latest New Canaanite Tinex, a time traveling device. Hope questions Cable's orders of infiltrating the Tinex before blowing it up; she just wants to blow it up from the outside. Once inside, Cable again gives an order that Hope doesn't agree with - Boak using up all his energy to stop some Flatliners from killing the whole team. It's done and Hope continues about her duties after she gets in a sweet shot to Cable's jaw. She sits down at the Tinex controls and scans through every time node to find the timeline that Kane belongs to. It takes a while but Hope is able to do it. As Kane and Cable travel back in time, Hope sets the charges and the Tinex explodes as the team bodyslides out. As they fly away, Hope cries to herself.

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