So, does anyone think the creator Hope was a....

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Was a huge baseball fan? Now this might seem really random and I might be looking to far into this, but it seems solid to me. Hope was born in Cooperstown, Alaska. The Baseball Hall of Fame is in Cooperstown, New York. Her mothers name is Louise Spalding. Louisville Slugger is the most well known maker of baseball bats and Spalding is the most well known maker of baseballs.
So, anyone else think Mike Carey is a closet baseball fan?

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Interesting theory.

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Carey is English and hates American sports. I think you mean Greg Land?  
Have you seen the 1990's romantic comedy The Usual Suspects? Same process here. When Greg was drawing the character he was looking for models in a sports magazine after receiving so much criticism for his other erm... sources... he passed his suggestions over to Carey who not being a sports fan, took them at face value. 

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