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Was she named in present time? Cause Scott keeps saying hope, but i thought she got that name because of the Hope that cable married?
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It was in the future, but X-Force met them in the future and have relayed all the information they have to Cyclops.  The only person Cyclops hasn't spoken to yet is Elixir, which is surprising that he does't just send the Cuckoos into his head to pluck out the information he needs.

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yeah messiah wars, but it seemed like he was saying it before. maybe i just read them out of sequence then.
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I need to go back over the recent Cable series.  I forgot that Scott & Emma were in a few issues, and it's all mixed up in my head.  So I can't remember if they established any kind of contact with Cable prior to Messiah War... but I'm pretty sure they found out during the cross-over.

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She got her name after the other Hope Summers died? What was she called before that?

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