HOPEfully not just another Jean Grey

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With Second Coming here and the end to the story of the mutant messiah Hope Summers we are going to find out exactly what/who she is and is going to be.   It is easy to wonder what her role in the Marvel Universe is going to be.   We have already had conflicting stories from Cable and Bishop as to the role that she plays in the future of the X-Men, mutants, and the world.   Basically right now she is a coin-flip.   Heads, savior of mutant kind, butterflies, unicorns, and happiness.   Tails, she is a total disaster and responsible for the future that Bishop came from.    But what if the coin lands on its side?

This is the thing that has always pissed me off about chronally challenged characters.   I have never liked Bishop or Cable.   Their stories just don’t add up.   At one time their possible future timeline was considered the standard in 616 future continuity.   With the advent of common sense, one would have to assume that neither future is guaranteed and that both technically still exist in the universe somehow.   I actually believe we will see a new form of Lucas Bishop in the near future. A version that isn’t trying to kill Hope Summers.

Hope however has also been called “another Jean Grey.”   This made me realize that Jean Grey and her clones (some literally some figuratively) are just other annoying chronal mishaps.   I understand that they have their place and their purpose and that their constants are restricted to red hair, power sets, the summers/grey bloodline, and of coarse the Force.   What I don’t understand is why the Marvel Universe needs the same character over and over again.   Isn’t that what Wolverine clones are for now?  

Jean Grey-Summers 

She is the original.   Jean Grey was one of the original X-Men and has had a love hate relationship with life since the 1980’s.   She is the super powerful psychic and telepath that could bring the world to its knees if so inclined.   Having been gone from the MU 616 reality for many years now and essentially replaced on the team by Emma Frost, this former wielder of the Phoenix Force now resides in the White Hot Room of the M’kraan Crystal.   Some fans have missed her, others don’t care, and then more already knew that she would be back some day.

Madelyne Pryor-Summers

A.K.A the Goblyn Queen.   She was a clone replacement   groomed and planted into the X-Men by Mr. Sinister.   She is Cable’s mother and has also wielded the Phoenix Force, been black queen of the Hellfire Club and still tries to bother the X-men when there are no other stories going on.   Last seen in a corporeal form leading a group of femme fatals against the X-men to resurrect Revache for a still unknown reason in a story line that has been forgotten about by most now.

Rachel Summers

This was the replacement Jean Grey for a bit.   She is daughter of Jean Grey from an alternate time line. (Another chronally challenged mess)   She has also controlled the Phoenix Force, moved through time, been known as different names and been a mess of continuity waiting to happen.   She was last seen in the War of Kings story arc and an interesting thing happened that got some peoples attention.   The force left her in battle and all she could say was. “Not now mother.”   This started to create speculation that Hope was Jean Grey reincarnated.   The sad thing is she hasn’t been seen for about ½ year and hasn’t popped up during the recent or previous X-events (Necrosha and now Second Coming) even though she was no longer involved in D&A’s cosmic story Realm of Kings.   So her where about are unconfirmed.   Some even speculate that Hope is Rachel Summers.

Mother Askani

This one is the queen of this chronal mess in some ways.   She is supposed to be a future version of Rachel Summers that started the religion that Cable follows.   The details are so confusing to most that it isn’t really even worth covering.   If you want something recent that sums this up there is the Messiah War companion book that has a brief synapse of everything involving Nathaniel Summers.   

Hope Summers

She was born creating a cataclysmic event in Alaska.   Most importantly she is the first and only mutant born since “M-Day.”   Growing up while traveling through time with her foster father Cable on the run from Bishop.   It took nearly two years for her to grow up, and make it back to the time/reality that she was born into.   Everybody was after the baby, Cable won.   Now Bastion is trying to eliminate her again.   We have seen spoiler images of her with the symbol on her chest.   She bears a great likeness to Jean Grey, and may have a similar power set.  

For everybody to want this kid, including Mr/Ms Sinister it is odd that he/she hasn’t come into play with this event.   Also we haven’t seen Exodus who last was seen trying to find a new path for his role in mutantkind.  

Then there is the blurb Cable has in the Cable/Deadpool book that came out recently.   Cable mentions that his whole purpose coming back in time was to save that baby.   This gives more people bait that Hope may in fact be Rachel Summers.   The thing that confuses me is that I thought Cable came back in time to stop Apocalypse.   I guess with Apocalypse out to repay the debt he owes to the Celestials, the writers had to find a new purpose for Cable.   Again I hate chronal characters.   It wouldn’t hurt my feelings much to see Cable dead and gone at the end of this story.   Nate Grey could handle Apocalypse just fine should he return.

There is definitely a lot of plot threads out there left blowing in the wind, and many of them probably won’t be realized in this X-event.   We do know Hope is definitely important and I don’t know exactly what she is going to be, I just hope it is something meaningful and that she ends up being something more than another Jean Grey.    

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I don't like the chronal characters either.
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I liked it when the only people in the MU that had to really deal with that stuff were the Avengers with Kang and Immortus.  The timeline issues with Avengers books is something else all together... I think it will be a feature of my next blog post.

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Let's just hope Cyke keeps his hands off the jailbait...we all know he loves gettin his brain tickled.

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You can't really insult Cyke.  You have to think about how Jean looked like she was passed around damaged goods for a bit.  Even by that lech Charlie.  But you could read just about anything into those older books anyway.  I"m going to add some pictures to this that I couldn't add at work now... you know for flavor.

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Would Maddie really be the so called Mutant Messiah.  Cyclops turned his back on her, why would it be different now.  Wasn't Rachel special in that there are no alternate versions of her.  Tom B. has straight up said Hope is not Rachel.  Rachel also has lost her Phoenix fragment.  Last time we saw Jean she was collecting those.  What visions did she give Emma when she appeared to her?  Yes lots of questions.  So far Second Coming Act 1 answered no questions at all.  We should at least have some answered by Act 3.  Hopefully they do a better job than what Fraction did with Nightcrawler's funeral issue.
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That's been my point.  There is so much speculation out there that I don't want Hope to be another jean grey... leave her in the ground.  Let  Maddie be dark and kinky, and let us know what Rachel is actually doing.   I think that Hope is the collection of the Phoenix shards somehow born into human form and having it's own identity.  I don't want her to stay either, I want her to take her grampa looking foster father and skip town to have their own adventures in a continuity that doesn't directly affect this one.  One of my friends was even razzing me that she was actually Marvel Man.
I don't like Fraction on my X-books.  I wish Warren Ellis was back.  I want to know what happened to the Astonishing arc all together.  grrrr.

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Cable dies in second coming, Hope gets to be a female version of Cable, a telekinetic with big guns... Well just a guess but I think that is what's gonna happen...

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I think that is a pretty good prediction as well.  I think because of her life people will expect her to use that training.  I just hope in 10 years (and with the nature of the Phoenix 2 deaths or so) later people remember that and aren't amazed when she uses those skills.  I think people forget often how well trained a combatant Kitty Pride is.
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Man, that's allot of Jean Greyness through out history!

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The hole idea that hope in the end maybe Jean. Personally I don't mind, She really similar to Jean Grey, considering the Cable protects her and the way writers speak about her, that she maybe only mutant race only hope or it's total destruction, make sense that in end it will be Jean grey. They might kill of hope and then maybe she becomes Jean reincarnted, Who knows? . 
Rachel Grey I think was poor copy of Jean, she was so boring. Goblyn Queen was good years old, but now she sucks. 
I rather have clones of Jean then the cuckoos. Remember Emma swore to ger revenge on the pheonix, can't wait. Can emma actually do something to jean that she will regret.  
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This event is supposed to shake up things so much.  IMO returning Jean...goes back to an old status quo.  The triangle with Emma, Scott, Jean...(square if you toss in a fury canadian.)  was done already as well.  I would just be happier with progress.
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so no ones in possetion of the phoenix force... and now a red-headed mutant currently with no powers whos supposed to be able to undo the scarlet witches reality tampering. I swear to go if this goes in the obvious direction, some will have pay... it may involve fire it may not, we shall see

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@zabdi: which is the obvious direction?
#14 Posted by zabdi (62 posts) - - Show Bio

Hope becomes the new vessel of the pheonix force and uses it to allow new mutant births

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You know for a long time I have thought that Layla Miller was going to be the one that actually ended the whole "M-Day" thing.   I think I may have to blog about those theories sometime before this event is over.  If you think about her role in House of M I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to make a connection possible.
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know she is...
Cyclops is gonna get with her when she's 18 and legal

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I don't think that she is a reincarnated Jean considering Jean has already be reincarnated (isn't she in the White Hot Room). 

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Yes Jean Grey and her numerous ressurections are getting quite annoying, marvel has already confirmed her eventual return which made me sick to my stomach. She just needs to either stay dead or....go away.....O_o
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Im hoping that Hope is just her own character with a very powerful and rare power cuz they never officially said what her powers were
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She can't be Rachel, because Rachel is a unique being, beyond all of the multiple universes there is only one of her.

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we all want JEAN GREY BACK!!!!!!!! stop cheap copies come back Jean Grey now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If you have read X-Force #28 her powers are well powerful. They don't necessarily scream phoenix but they pack a punch.

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Hope is such a fail character She could have had near omnipotent powers of a completely new style but rehashing the phoenix everytime the X-Men are out of their depth with an enemy is so tired ... I no i'm not gonna make a lot of friends with this but I dont think bringing Jean back is a good idea. At least not yet. I think she needs 2 be left alone for another few years for her to be really missed by fans because she keeps springing up in so many different guises and being hinted at at any given opportunity. I think X-Men has had waaaaaay too many resurrections in the last decade and should let characters stay dead until a plausible reason or explanation for their return is found not just because a new writer wants to write in their favourite character.

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I dont really consider these characters COPIES. They share the same features but are really NOTHING alike. Jean always just seemed like a pretty normal woman (for better or for worse), Rachel while i do like her, always did seem a little bit uninteresting as a person, Madelyne was ALWAYS one of my favorites and anyone who wants to SCREW OVER Cyclops is alright in my book, & Hope...well she was raised by Cable so she's practically destined for violence against somebody (lol). 
Rachel, Maddie, and Hope just kinda seem like different pieces of Jean's overall personality and if they were to combine, they would just be JEAN as we knew her...

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@spiderguylll said:

know she is... Cyclops is gonna get with her when she's 18 and legal


i think people dont like hope because she looks like jean and had the phoenix power like jean

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