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now I have read her bio but I have not read every comic with her, only a few of the Generation Hope Story arc, but how is she an "omega level mimic"? I understand what mimicry is in the comics, but shes been shown to be telekinetic and telepathic, AND be an avatar for the Phoenix force (or rather there have been hints), shes also been shown to probably have optic blasts like Cyclops, if she possess all these powers shes not really a mimic by definition, but i have seen her mimic mutants powers now to my knowledge a mimic has to be near someone to "mimic" their power, has she stored power templates or something? am i missing something? someone ANYONE who knows this character well, please explain it to me lol the writing just isn't consistent, at least what I have read and it bothers me when i see a character with too much power, now i kno she is young and she has not mastered her abilities yet but its clear that she is pretty bad ass lol

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Basically she acts as voodoo doll for mutants. Whenever she's around mutants she can use their various powers. Once she leaves their vicinity though, she can no longer exhibit their powers. It also seems that the more powers she uses at once, the more strain it puts on her. It's currently unknown if she can retain the abilities she mimics though. Also, she seems to be able to control the powers of Mutants who've appeared after her, like the Five the Lights.

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