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Hope O’Dare was born into a large family, the only daughter with four brothers (The O'Dares). Hope was brought up the same way as her brothers. Hope had a deep route to her Irish heritage and has a strong dislike for the English, because of how she grew up, she is a tough women who has a hard fire that burns within, her family often refer to her as the one to be afraid of. Her story does not really start until she meets Shade for the first time, during the kidnapping of Ted Knight (Which Shade played a part in). Shade forms a friendship with Matt O'Dare and betrays Mist in order to save Ted along with the clan of O’Dares. After freeing Ted the O’Dares return back to Opal city. But Hope wished to leave and rest away from her family and what she has always known.


Hope later returned to Opal City and asked Shade (Richard Swift) if he would like to take her on a date. Shade once again finds love in the arms of Hope it is unknown if she cares for him back but before they can talk the two of them are attacked by David Knight who is now a Black Lantern. Black Power Rings bring back the dead and reanimate them, David himself had died many years ago and seeks to kill Shade. In the battle David rips out Shades heart, but due to his immortality Swift does not die and fights the power of the Black Lantern ring. David then turns his attention to Hope and threatens to kill her along with Jack Knight. Shade tempers flares and traps David within the Shadow Lands, Using his own heart he traps and banishes David. After the battle Hope finally tells Richard that she loves him. But before they can rest Barry Allen and Hal Jordan find him and ask if they can be taken to the Ghost Zone, agreeing he takes them and they discover a deeper plot then they first thought, the rotting body of Prometheus.

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