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The Hooded Horseman was one of what must have been a virtual army of wrong righting wanderers in the Wild West.

Unknown by any name other than the Hooded Horseman, and never seen without his mask on H. H., his wonder dog Flash, and his wonder horse, whose name I never managed to catch, wandered from town to town protecting the weak and… oh come on you know the drill!

This was basically just another Lone Ranger rip-off with little to distinguish from the dozens of other wandering gun-slingers that populated the comics at that time.

The two things most setting it apart from the Two-Gun Kid, Wyoming Kid, Johnny Thunder and others being the more blatantly racist tone the stories tended to take, and the fact that they were apparently being related in first person with the Hooded Horseman relating the tale in comments appearing above the panel with the action.

Meant to give the stories a new twist (for the comics anyway) on what were otherwise very cliché stories, mostly all it did was show us that there was really no danger of H.H. dying in the latest “lyin’ sneakin’ Redskin attack,” because after all he had survived to write about it, and that he thought “to” was spelt “tuh.”

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