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Origin : 

She was a former member of the Shabda-Oud sect. A religious sect of female assassin that planned to replace the imperial power by create the perfect androgynous being.  

In order to accomplish that, they send Honorata to seduce Othon, but she falled in love with the Metabaron and instead give him a son, betraying his sect in the process. 
The birth and raising of Aghnar : 
But all wasn't so well, and the concubines of Othon were bitterly jalous of his new love. 

By taking advantage of her pregnant condition, the concubines kidnapped Honorata, and planned suicide by throwing themselves along with Honorata. Luckily, the concubine were themselve betrayed by their father who warned Othon, and this last saved his love by firing a bullet made of epiphyte in her womb, nullifying her weight and saving her in the process.


That was at this instant that Honorata gived birth to his son, Aghnar. 


Alas for her son, Aghnar was rendered permanently weightless by the epiphyte and Othon was planning to kill his son, as he stated that, lacking levering strenght, he would never become a warrior. 
Honorata standed for his son, as her effort to give birth to him had rendered her barren and persuaded Othon that she could raised him as a true Metabaron.

Othon agreed, and Honorata raised his son alone, in the wildest area of the planet, and submit him to a tremendous and cruel training, oblivious to most motherly love, and kissing his son only once in her life. 
Initiation and confrontation. 
When Aghnar began his inititation, she supported him staunchely when Othon argued that his son was winning by treachery, and was herself begging Othon to stop when Aghnar was put in a machine that was torning apart the two feet of his son.
Happily, Aghnar endured stubbornly the pain and the les of his two feet, impressing even his father. But Honorata knew it was no time to rejoice, beacause the Shabda-Oud were coming, expecting to her to submit the perfect androgunous being sired by Honorata and Othon. Knowing it was not the case, Honorata was certain that a bloody confrontation was ahead.  
When the Shabda-Oud were coming, Honorata lied to them and lured them to an ambush with Aghnar, an tough she was worried about the recent prosthetic his son was yet recovering, she supported him when he destroyed psychically one of oldest the sorceress. 

The victory of his family was bitter, tough, as the Shabda-Oud had anticipated the treason of Honorata. They had her heart replaced with an explosive  prostethic.  
When she revealed those fat to his horrified son and fatalist husband, she also taught them that she knew full well the price of his love and treason and asked them to always remember the perfume of the flower of Okar, in memory of her.  
Finally, she had to let her family, and disappeared in a massive explosion triggered by her trappped hearth. 

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