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Working in research for HENRI he develops a gun that can kill Julie without her suit attacking the shooter.  The fact it kills rather than just stuns or removes the suit is of no concern to him as the memo didn't specify the target should survive. 

When he misses a chance to try his gun in the field he is ordered to tun it on Ivy instead. She ends up doing him sever damage when she shots the gun in his hands igniting his clothing and blowing his jaw off. 
They take him back to HENRI and experiment on him as they see if he can be saved and he comes back deformed and angry.     
He rocket attacks the girls airplane and then tries to remove the suit from Julie with a wrist pad the same way Annie used to. Ivy manages to injure him enough to get him to stop but not before he blows off his own hand trying to afix the pad to Julie. The next day Ivy finds him barely alive in an abandoned house. She offers him a quick death by morphine if he will reveal the phi colliders location. He indicates he does not know and he sold the alloy to China. 
Ivy sets fire to the bed he is on and places a bottle of spirits next to his head and leaves. A minute or two later the house explodes and Hong is presumed dead.

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