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Honey Bunny was created in the 1960s, designed by Robert McKimson. She was intended as a character for the Warner Bros. merchandizing. She debuted as a comic book character in "Bugs Bunny" #108 (November, 1966).

She served as regular member of the comic book cast through the 1960s and 1970s. Sometimes as the love interest of Bugs, sometimes as a rival or even an adversary. She was originally depicted with yellow or pale tan fur. Later, the studio turned her into a grey bunny (like Bugs) and the comic books followed suit. Her design was Bugs-like but with larger eyes, " prominent feminine eyelashes" and curvier.

With the end of the Gold Key series, honey seized regularly appearing in comic books. She continued appearing in merchandize through the 1980s, but declined in prominence in the 1990s. She, for the aims of Space Jam, was updated to Lola Bunny.

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