What heroes/villai would you like to see as a gay/lesbian couple?

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Which people out of all the straight people would you like to see couple up as a gay,lesbian couple?
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All of them!! think about Batman and Superman, HOT!! Captain America and Thor!!! hot!! Spiderman with one of his many enemies!!! HYPER HOT!!!!!  my favorite couple would be Deadshot and Catman, I really obssesed with Catman, I love all about him, his pecs, his bulge, he is super mega sexy

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easy there buddy lol.
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Cyclops and Wolverine need to just bang and get it over with. Ease some of that sexual tensions they've had over the years. lol
She-Hulk and Black Cat..."drools"

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Linking Stephanie Brown with either Cassie Cain or Kara Zor-El would be an inspired choice. Oh, and Siryn and M.

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iceman and the human torch.  with hot and cold playing in the background.

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Noh-Varr & Catman.

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ok, my? here we go, DONNA TROY and CASSANDRA SANDSMARK!  F T W ! people  F T W for real !!!

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this question is WEIRD.

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Personally I'd like to see Kate Kane back with Renee Montoya...seems a much better fit.

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@biggkeem89: Im with you on Wolverine and Cyke loool that love triangle subtext was pretty heavy back in the day loool
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