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Created by John Wagner and Ron Smith and first introduced in part three of Judge Dredd story 'Father Earth' - The team originally have to save Mega-City One from destruction by sacrificing themselves to defuse the volcano-like Power Tower. They feature in the 2000AD and Megazine world of Judge Dredd.

The Holocaust Squad are crack teams of near suicidal Justice Department misfits and are Mega-City One's last line of defence, brought into action only when all other remedies have failed. From nuclear meltdowns to terrorist jihads to natural disasters, the Holocaust Squads get only the dirtiest jobs. Here, everyone lives on borrowed time.

Holocaust 12 is the best of the squads. Due to the cripplingly high levels of stress and low life expectancy, squad members are granted special privileges under Section 49C of the Extreme Sanctions Charter. They can smoke, drink alcohol and indulge in even more illicit substances. But the price of these privileges is high - having to face certain death at any moment.

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