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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 045: The Star Which Summons Chaos (乱を呼ぶ星の巻 "Ran o Yobu Hoshi no Kan")
  • Chapter 046: The Fallen Angel of Madness (狂気の堕天使!の巻 "Kyōki no Daraku Tenshi! no Kan")
  • Chapter 047: A Deadly Game of Power (死のパワーゲームの巻 "Shi no Pawā Gēmu no Kan")
  • Chapter 048: A Tragic Reunion (悲劇の再会!!の巻 "Higeki no Saikai!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 049: Under the Star of Tragedy!! (悲劇の星の下に!の巻 "Higeki no Hoshi no Shita ni! no Kan")
  • Chapter 050: Behind the Mask! (仮面の裏!の巻 "Kamen no Ura! no Kan")
  • Chapter 051: A Sad Genius!! (悲しき天才!の巻 "Kanashiki Tensai! no Kan")
  • Chapter 052: A Barren Wasteland! (飢えた荒野!の巻 "Katsueta Kōya! no Kan")
  • Chapter 053: Legendary Men! (伝説をつくる男たち!の巻 "Densetsu o Tsukuru Otoko-tachi! no Kan")







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