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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 236: A Man Driven By Death... (死すために男は…の巻 "Shisu Tameni Otoko wa.. no Kan")
  • Chapter 237: A Faraway Love... (愛すれど遠く…の巻 "Ai Suredo Tooku... no Kan")
  • Chapter 238: The Miraculous Light! (奇跡の光!の巻 "Kiseki no Hikari! no Kan")
  • Chapter 239: His Powerful Fists!! (その力強き拳は!!の巻 "Sono Chikarazuyoki Kobushi Wa!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 240: For the One Who Gave Their Love! (愛をくれた者のために!の巻 "Ai o Kuretamono no Tameni! no Kan")
  • Chapter 241: The Boy From That Day (あの日の少年の巻 "Ano Hi no Shounen no Kan")
  • Chapter 242: A Yearning to be Together! (あこがれとともに!の巻 "Akogare Totomoni! no Kan")
  • Chapter 243: The Ultimate Superhuman Returns!! (究極超人復活!!の巻 "Kyuukyoku Choujin Fukkatsu!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 244: A Sacrifice Without Regret!! ( 死を賭して なお悔いず!!の巻 "Shi o Toshite Nao Kuizu!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 245: Farewell to My Loved Ones...And Into the Desertland... (さらば愛しき者たちよ…そして荒野へ…の巻 "Saraba Aishikimono-tachi yo...Soshite Kouya Kan")







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