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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 189: The Wrath of Hyoh!! (ヒョウ狂乱!! の巻 "Hyou Kyouran!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 190: The Clash of Two Great Men! (両雄たつ! の巻 "Ryuuyuu Tatsu! no Kan")
  • Chapter 191: Brothers Drenched in Tears!! (涙かれし兄弟!! の巻 "Namida Kareshi Kyoudai!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 192: The Graves of the Shining Stone Fist!! (琉拳の墓場!! の巻 "Ryuuken no Hakaba!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 193: Cold Bloodshed! (凄血散る! の巻 "Sei Chi Chiru! no Kan")
  • Chapter 194: The Cold Blood Returns! (よみがえる凄血! の巻 "Yomigaeru Sei Chi! no Kan")
  • Chapter 195: The Fool!! (愚か者!! の巻 "Orokamono!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 196: The Brute Beast of Evil!! (悪の妄獣!! の巻 "Aku no Boujuu!! no Kan")
  • Chapter 197: Lin's Tragedy!! (リン無情!! の巻 "Rin Mujou!! no Kan")







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