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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 135: The Conqueror Dyed in Blood! (血に染まる覇王! の巻 "Chi ni Somaru Haou!")
  • Chapter 136: Farewell, My Rival! (さらば強敵よ! の巻 "Saraba Tomo Yo! no Kan")
  • Chapter 137: Cry of the Young Wolves! (若き狼の叫び! の巻 "Wakaki Ookami no Yobi! no Kan")
  • Chapter 138: A New Legend is Born! (新伝説創造! の巻 "Shin Densetsu Souzou! no Kan")
  • Chapter 139: A New Life! (生きてふたたび! の巻 "Ikite Futatabi! no Kan")
  • Chapter 140: Ein the Wondeful (驚異のアイン! の巻 "Kyoui no Ain! no Kan")
  • Chapter 141: A Frigtening Smile (不敵なる微笑! の巻 "Futekinaru Bijou! no Kan")
  • Chapter 142: Ein's Lady! (アインの女! の巻 "Ain no Onna! no Kan")
  • Chapter 143: The Revolt of the Young Wolves! (反逆の蒼き狼たち! の巻 "Hangyaku no Wakaki Ookami-tachi! no Kan")







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