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Hoggish Greedly is a huge obese man with very pig-like facial features and characteristics. He is a terrribly cruel and greedy man going to great lengths to obtain what he desires. Such desires include precious gems, protected forests for property and immense amounts of rare and gourmet foods, These gourmet foods are usually cooked up endangered species, most famously sea turtle eggs. He once also butchered and ate a horse to find out how it would taste.

Despite his cruelty and greed Hoggish Greedly still cares for his family and places their safety above any amount of money or turtle eggs.

Hoggish Greedly was the first villain to fight Captain Planet and was the man who discovered the Captain's weakness for toxic waste.

He has a sidekick like most of Captain Planets enemies. His sidekick is a scrawny and cowwardly young man he calls called Rigger. Rigger loyally serves Hoggish but often expresses polite concern about the amount of environmental damage his boss is causing.

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