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Brief History

Marvin Hoffman is the leader of the Brotherhood and best friend with Orwell. He met Marshal during their childhood and gained rivalry. Somehow, they have formed a terrorist group called Brotherhood but Marshal left.  In , Hoffman was there to congratulate the young mutant named Oswald, as he blew up a local dance club. Then , in , he was watching the latent mutant named Mike Asher, and planned to send Fagin in to recruit him. When Fagin and Asher got into trouble with a group of human against mutants, Hoffman and Oswald dispelled the crowd. While things are being in trouble  for the other Brotherhood members at the X-Force parade, Hoffman was able to trap Marshal with help from Ms. Fingers. As Asher dropped from the sky, Hoffman scoffed that the last Judas was then gone, but Marshal said he was a fool if he thought to perform that, as Orwell mind-boinked a brick over Ms. Fingers' head. Marshal told Hoffman his plan to become X, the leader of the Brotherhood, but Hoffman fired a blast at him which hit Orwell. While Hoffman and Marshal came to blows, they didn't notice a stream of Mike Asher's blood streaming to them until it was too late. While looking over their remains, U-Go Girl wondered aloud if this was "The end of a revolution?"

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