Garage Review: Amazing Spider-Man #238 (1983)

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Sounds nice, has it ever been collected in trade ?

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I thought this issue would end up in this video, when you talked about it in the "waitin' for answers in comic''.  : D
Great review!

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@kungnima: Yeah, shot on the same day. 
@Dr_Cassidy: In the 1993 trade "The Origin of the Hobgoblin." There's some used copies on Amazon for under $20. Contains:  ASM  #238-239, 244-245, and 249-251 and Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #85. Softcover, 160 pages
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just out of curiosity are you going to review the amazing spider-man big time issues featuring a new hobgoblin

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Oh! Fantastic!
I even got that one! For once! XD

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i love hobgoblin
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The Hobgoblin is unfortunately one of those identities that has fallen into disuse lately, and it's a shame because I really  like the character. 
As usual, great job.  My favorite feature on the site.

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It's funny that you had the topic this week of how long should you wait for answers, Hobgoblin was one of the best implemented mysteries in Spideys career back then. I remember the months surrounding the release of his identity, it was a lot like the 'who shot J.R.' of comic stories.

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Oh, yeah, Hobgoblin rules!  Nice choice.  One of my favorite villains.  I think he supercedes Green Goblin in many ways.   
Definitely a great issue!  Thanks for digging this up.
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I have a copy of this in Dutch, The cover is ruined by a huge sticker which i'm afraid will rip the comic apart once i try to remove it.

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Why were you reluctant to give spoilers to a 27 year old comic?

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That cover looks awesome!
You said "Sort of" a lot on this video... I want to read this book now!
Can I have that copy when you find a better copy for your personal collection?

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A classic, one of my favorites as well.

#14 Posted by Mumbles (858 posts) - - Show Bio

cool cover

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Cool. Are you looking forward to the Hobgoblin's return next month with Dan Slott and Ramos? 
I AM! =)

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I have this issue! Too bad it's in piss-poor condition.

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@johnny spam said:
" Why were you reluctant to give spoilers to a 27 year old comic? "
There's a reason...
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love the background music
#19 Posted by OnlyWonderBoy (51 posts) - - Show Bio

I really like the Garage Reviews. Since I'm just getting into comic these quick looks into some classics are very interesting to me. Also, that Alkaline Trio skateboard is pretty sweet.

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@ImperiousRix said:

"The Hobgoblin is unfortunately one of those identities that has fallen into disuse lately, and it's a shame because I really  like the character. As usual, great job.  My favorite feature on the site. "


I agree. Hobgoblin's name and identity has fallen into disuse lately. Another classic awesome Spider-Man character that  kinda got ruined, but is still kinda cool
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I remember this issue, it came with tattoos or was it stickers????

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Wonder what's gonna happen with Hobgoblin's upcoming appearance. Is it the same Hobgoblin or yet another poser?

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Excellent review, G-Man. I agree, this and part two are how Spidey and the Hobgoblin are supposed to be done. I just hope with him returning, Hobby/Kingsley can reach the pinnacleo f greatness he received under Roger Stern's tenure.
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Love the review.
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@ImperiousRix said:
The Hobgoblin is unfortunately one of those identities that has fallen into disuse lately, and it's a shame because I really  like the character.
Sad, indeed.
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love this era of's what got me into comics.  Loved the Gang War story as a kid.

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Hobgoblin was on of my all time favorite villains.. Just in the period I started to read and buy comics in Sweden where I'm from. Just missed out on the green goblin stories that was before my "ComicAwareness";). Anyways he is so connected to my childhood memories that it was amazing how well I remembered that comics content still, over 20 years after reading it and not being able to recall most of the content of the comics I read the past year. THAT'S Spidey for me! Before the clone saga, before brand new day etc. Actually stopped paying atention to Spidey after clone saga and just live of the good memory that was him...
Thanks for giving me this recalled memory of my childhood G-Man :)

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@sdtopdog Tattoos

I also have this issue. I got it just because of how cool the cover is
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I love Spider-man back in the 80's I think the book was at  it's best then. Great review. I love hobgoblin. One of the few issues of Spider-man I do not have.
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Awesome comic! Romita Sr and Jr's art fit greatly there...

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