Bring on the Hobgoblin

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It's been almost 10 years since we've seen the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley. Last we saw him, he was sunbathing in the Caribbean. I for one, think it's time for a comeback. We need another goblin since Norman Osborn is off leading the Thunderbolts. Now's the perfect time for the Hobgoblin to return and lay a world of hurt on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. But let's also see him return as Norman Osborn's enemy as well. That would make for some really good stories. They could have that his money is all gone, his brother (Daniel) is dead, and now he has nothing left to lose. With that said, have him return to get revenge on those who ruined his life (Osborn for taking over his company, Betty Brant for helping to expose him as the Hobgoblin, and Spider-Man for foiling him at every turn). Plus, we may also get to see the greatest goblin battle/story of all time, with Spidey in the middle of it all. I feel that Kingsley has the power to orchestrate one of the most brilliant schemes Spider-Man has ever seen: To not only destroy Spidey, his friends, and family, but his greatest enemy (Osborn), as well. I also heard some say that he could/should come back and infiltrate the Thunderbolts (Perhaps in disguise) to attack Osborn or turn the Thunderbolts against him. If he decides not to do that, perhaps he could form/lead a new team of villains to fight the Thunderbolts while he focuses on Osborn. I was thinking he could form a new Sinister Syndicate, Masters of Evil or something like that (Perhaps a new team name?).

Here's some possible recruits:

1.) Chameleon (To help infiltrate the Thunderbolts)

2.) Shocker

3.) Rhino

4.) Hydro-Man

5.) (New) Jack O' Lantern

6.) Vulture

7.) Sandman

8.) Scarecrow

9.) Swarm

As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of the Hobgoblin. He's on of my favorite Spidey villains. I feel that he's a really cool and under-used villain as of late. How about you? Would you like to see Roderick Kingsley return as the Hobgoblin?
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Yeah, that's a great idea. I always thought Hobgoblin was the best goblin. It would be great to see him kick some Thunderbolts ass.

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can't say i don't like the sound of that in fact it would make for a killer new spidey movie don't u guys think I mean the movie series needs some juice after the two most recent flops

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fesak says:

"Yeah, that's a great idea. I always thought Hobgoblin was the best goblin. It would be great to see him kick some Thunderbolts ass."

I agree, Hobgoblin is the best goblin. Before the Death of Gwen Stacy story, Green Goblin was pretty cool, but he hasn't done a whole lot since, although he's still one of my favorite villains. I almost think that it's ashame they brought him back.

I think that one of Hobgoblin's greatest aspects is that he's not insane, he's in control of his actions; he knows what he's doing. He's just out for personal gain and power, not revenge. And yes, him laying a smack down on the Thunderbolts would be awesome.

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Here's my Bring Back the Original Hobgoblin! video:

P.S. Bring Back the Original Hobgoblin!

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So all other Hobgoblins have failed to live up the Sinisterness of the original?

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Pretty much, yeah.
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Hopefully one day he will return... but maybe they should use the secret wars hobgoblin? I mean I doubt the original would want to leave retirement. Of course having the original around again would be just plain awesome!

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No arguments here (Pertaining to how great it'd be if the original Hobgoblin returned, although I would like more info. on Secret War Hobby).
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Now that you mentioned it, it would be awesome to see Hobgoblin thunder back into the Marvel world and do some serious damage to the Dark Reign and heroes, and to be honist to finnishe the whole affair with a battle between Norman and Hobgoblin would do it for me more so than anyone elce i can think of

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@Omega Ray Jay:
It would be cool to say the least. As his first act of business, I'd like to see him off the Hood for control of the "Kingpin" title.

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