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Tommy Monaghan's adventures as a Gotham City-based hitman for hire continue. In HITMAN: 10,000 BULLETS, now back in print and featuring issues #4-8 and HITMAN ANNUAL #1, a vindictive mob boss from Tommy's past puts a contract out on him. With friends caught in the crossfire, Tommy must find a way to exact revenge on the mafia head.

Back Blurb

Number One With a Bullet.

Every profession has its friendly rivalries. For hitmen, however, the competition tends to be a bit more...cutthroat. And when you're at the game --- like Gotham City's Tommy Monaghan --- you're bound to attract your share of challengers.

Luckily for Tommy, the same abilities that allow him to take down the gangsters and super-villains he accepts contracts on --- telepathy, x-ray vision, a cutting wit --- also give him something of an edge over his opponents.

But confidence can breed complacency. And as Tommy's about to find out, knowing that someone's coming for you doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be able to stop them.

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