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Ace of Killers is full of Aces! 4 Stars.

Forgive me if I am misremembering this, but Garth Ennis was no longer on Hellblazer and it was Paul Jenkins on the book at the time.  If I remember correctly again, Preacher was still young and "The Preacher formula" was not perfected yet.  If both bits of memory serve correctly, then it makes sense that this story feels like a narrative between what Ennis did in Hellblazer (making John the King of Cons and master of messing with Demons) and what Preacher would be (over the top middle finger to God and nature).

This issue is special to me because it is one extra time Ennis wrote John Constantine (my favorite character).  Although John is mentioned very little (a single panel), this DCU cameo Ennis wrote is is the purest example of Classic pre-Vertigo John Constantine.  By having John Constantine in a panel and still very mysterious, he is presented as this "great neutralizer" that seemed to be his role when Alan Moore would write him in on Swamp Thing.  It is nice that Ennis understood John Constantine as more then just a character he could Flesh Out being the second main writer on Hellblazer, Ennis understood why John is special and showed that he didn't need to make John give the middle finger to write John well.

This issue is not all about John, John was only is a panel.  This arc deals with a demon wanting to Kill the Hitman and the Hitman getting desperate on how to get out of the do or die situation.  There are a lot of great cameos done very well in this book, such as Jason Blood (The Demon) and of course Catwoman, who you can see on the cover.

This issue had a lot of violence, but not Preacher level.  The humor was pretty fun, I must admit.  Overall, I enjoyed this issue and I think each character is represented nicely, even the use of Jason Blood felt right. 

The Hitman stuff is slowly being collected and by the time you read this, there should be a trade that collects this arc, so feel free to read it in trade or in back issue.  This is not a must for a John Constantine fan, but its a nice addition.

- Silkcuts
Posted by turoksonofstone

lol, Dog-Welder.

Posted by Silkcuts
@turoksonofstone said:
" lol, Dog-Welder. "
???? I am confused
Posted by turoksonofstone
DogWelder - A mysterious and disturbing crimefighter who terrifies and maims evildoers by welding dead dogs to them.
Posted by Silkcuts
@turoksonofstone said:
" @Silkcuts: 
DogWelder - A mysterious and disturbing crimefighter who terrifies and maims evildoers by welding dead dogs to them.
Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was a new slang term
Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

I haven't seen this comic in years

Posted by Silkcuts
@SUPER-MAN 23 said:
" I haven't seen this comic in years "
Me as well, I wanted to review something with it JC in it.

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