grim's Hit-Monkey (MDCU) #1 - Hit-Monkey review

Meh Monkey

 The most exciting new character in the Marvel U... has a pretty boring origin.
 Though not as bad as i expected, the story of The Monkey turned Hit-Monkey was still very strained. I was very pleased that Marvel didnt go with the played out Human-to-monkey essence transfer, but still...
  I had a bit of trouble believing that a bunch of chimps would know the correct treatment for hypothermia, and the only thing in this comic worse than Marvel trying to make me believe a Hitman would spend what had to have been hours making snow-combatants for practice was Marvel telling me that their most exciting new character pretty much spawned from a simple case of "monkey see, monkey do".
  2 and a half stars. This was nowhere near the worst thing i ever read, but it was still the kind of story telling we have been running away from since the 80's.

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Monkey assassins are far more realistic then flying people. Hit-monkey is awesome.

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