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Mindy finally gets an ultimatum: No more Hit-Girl or else. But when danger lands on her doorstep, Hit-Girl may face her biggest challenge yet: not spilling blood on the living room carpet. Meanwhile, Red Mist lives out his Bruce Wayne fantasy abroad. A limited edition variant by Geof Darrow will be released for this issue.

At Leopold "Spoons" Urena's drug house in Queens, Hit Girl is out numbered by Spoons men. She distracts them with a C-4 bomb set to go off in one minute. As the gang tries to run away Hit Girl shoots them in the back.

Meanwhile outside the drug house, Marcus and NYPD prepare to storm the drug lab, but before they can act the gang and their workers come running out yelling about a little girl in a cape. The bomb goes off and Hit Girl notices Marcus in the crowd. Marcus realizing the girl matches Mindy's description races home to catch her.

At the McCready house Marcus gets into Mindy's bedroom just after Mindy gets in her bed. Marcus can't prove Mindy was at the Drug house, but he he tells her he's on to her.

The next day at school, Mindy inform David of the events of last night. Debbie and her friends are nice to Mindy.

Meanwhile at Ryker's Island, Ralphie is inform of the events of last night at Spoon's. Vic, Chris's Uncle, informs Ralphie they have found another super hero, who knows nothing of Kick Ass's true identity. Ralphie wants them to kill Marcus, believing he was behind Spoon's destruction, and to kill the superhero.

Meanwhile, Red Mist thinks he is in Asia training, but in truth is being used for his money.

At Mindy's house, Marcus puts locks on all the doors and windows to keep Mindy in at night. He also takes away all her graphic comics. There is ring at the door, and when Mindy answers it she is grabbed by Raphie's men. They beat Marcus and tell him to "Beg me not to shoot her.'







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