queso6p4's Hit-Girl #2 review

Another Slam-Dunk!

Opening remarks:

This issue picks up with the same main themes of the last issue, and those are:

  1. More of Mindy training Dave.
  2. A little more of her acclimation to living a normal life
  3. Red Mist's growth as a villain.


For some reason, the colors in the beginning of the issue seemed brighter than usual and the art both stuck out and looked better to me, but this is probably a fluke in my reading. The training is what takes up most of the issue but the dialogue between the characters is well-written, smooth, feels natural for them, and is chock full of comic references (Spider-Man fans will definitely feel the love here and there are even a few Punisher ones), and even some pop culture references that even I, despite my general ignorance of what’s going on in the entertainment world, can get. It’s also nice that this issue follows Red Mist at the very end just like the previous one did as this consistency in storytelling is a nice touch that makes the overall reading experience that much more enjoyable. Mindy's personality really stands out in this issue and she shines in a way that only she can. There’re also nice, controlled bits of Kick-Ass style action to break up the dialogue a bit, but they're nicely placed, contained, and work well with the story.


This isn’t really a dislike but I do wish the issue focused a little more on Mindy becoming “normal.”

Final Verdict:

This is another great issue in this series. Definitely pick this up if you’re a Kick-Ass fan but this is a must if you like Mindy.


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