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The little B@#$% is back!!

GOOD: We are finally diving deep into Hit-girl's mind and past. It is really nice to see her try to adjust to normal life and back into the superhero business at the same time. I always enjoy seeing kick ass and hit-girl together and their scenes of dialogue in this issue were great. Speaking of which, the dialogue in this issue is an improvement from some of the issues. This is probably due to the fact that this is a character study of the most popular character of the series and this is the first time we are learning about her emotions and thoughts. Because of that, this issue feels more focues and does not feel as crazy as typical Kick-Ass can ( yeah some kid gets shot in the head, but it is not as graphic as we have seen from this series.)

BAD: I just really do not like Romita Jr's art. Though the panel where Hit-girl was at Big-Daddy's grave was actually well-drawn.

Verdict: Dug the first issue, hope it does not follow the faults Kick-Ass 2 had, go buy it if you are a fan:)


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