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Twenty men are missing from Eternity/Heaven. Kid goes to Earth to find them.

He sees a pirate ship shooting a war ship. He goes to the pirate ship. It`s full of buccaneers! Kid tries to call out Captain Kidd, but to no avail! How is it possible!

Mr. Keeper tells Kid that they`ve found out that Kidd and his crew were errorrously never registered to Eternity. They`ve been able to go from the world of historic ones to the world of living ones, and back again, for centuries!

Kid has been able to call Kidd before, because he has been in Eternity that time.

He returns to the ship, and a fierce battle begins.

It`s intervened by a US Naval ship, that shoots at the ship, because they didn`t answer their signal. Kidd begs kid to save him and his crew. Kid calls for Sir Francis Drake to help them.

When they`ve got out of the jam, Kidd throws Kid overboard.

A shell hits the ship, it explodes, and the pirates (also two heroes) return to Eternity. Kid flies off to Heaven.

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