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What happens when Kid has Mr. Keeper make a skinny and fatty man in to extremely fit specimen?

Don`t even try to guess. Instead, read the story at a site like Digital comic museum (here`s an article that should assure you it`s safe).





What happens is...the two men try to get themselves some dames, but none are interested. They like army guys more. So, the guys enlist.

They hope to get fish out them skirts right away, but have to start cleaning up the army area because one of the higher ups says so. They wish they`d be generals, so they wouldn`t have to.

Kid wants Mr. Keeper to make them generals, but Keep says, it`s not good for them. He teaches Kid a lesson, and makes him an ordinary mortal again, and he will remain that way until he`s proven he`s worthy. Also, the guys change to a skinny and fatty again. Then Keep returns to Heaven.

Kid is sad, and doesn`t rejoice of being in a standard human body, at all. Probably because he`s broke, and it`s starting to rain.

Meanwhile, a rumor about skinny (McKay) and fatty (McGraw) roams around the army site. apparently they`re two dudes who are testing a new formula that can alter ones appearance!

Her highness, an elderly crime boss, gets enticed over this. She can become smoking hot! She orders to have McGraw and McKay kidnapped. Eh, adultnapped? Doesn`t matter.

The kidnapping takes place, and they`re hauled to the gangs HQ.

Kid climbs to the attic of an abandoned house. Well, it seems to be abandoned. but whattya know...that`s where Her highnesses gang resides. He is soon discovered.

Her higness has him fight against a brute. Kid fights admirably, but it`s simply too much for him. Still, he has proved to be worthy, so Mr. Keeper returns his powers to him (Keep woulda done it anyway). Kid summons Samson (yes, Samson) to take care of the gang, and they`re captured.

Mcgraw the fatty and Mckay the skinny are freed, Keep makes them fit again (he thinks, why not) and everything`s well.

Oh, and Her highness vows to come back. Well, everything`s pretty well.

Also has:

Betty Bates by Al Bryant.

Woopy by Art Gates.

Dan Tootin one-pager.

Stormy Foster/Great defender

Bob and Swab by Klaus Nordling. They battle against Nazis.

Will Wisp and Will The Wisp make their debut. Also has an animated statue of Neptune.

And lastly, a Bill the Magnificent-comic.

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