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Powers and Abilities

Hisoka is a deadly opponent who lives to kill worthy adversaries. He is a noted powerful Nen user and is ranked 3rd in the Phantom Troupe who are noted as some of the most powerful Nen users in the series. Hisoka is surprisingly strong and fast enough to dodge Gon without moving from where he was standing. His main weapons are playing cards infused with aura that he throws with deadly accuracy. Hisoka is a transmuter meaning he can alter his aura into another form.

Nen Ability: Texture Surprise - Hisoka can manipulate any small thin surface such has paper or cloth and change its appearance to anyone looking at it. This ability is null and void if a Nen user uses Gyo to see the change or if someone touches the paper the deception becomes obvious. Hisoka used this ability to make the Spider Tattoo on his back as well as to change Chrollo Lucifer's written predictions.

Nen Ability: Bungee Gum - Hisoka can alter his aura into a sticky substance reminiscent of bubble gum though much stronger. When using this ability Hisoka can attach the Bungee Gum to opponents so he can reel them in for a quick flurry of punches. It can be attached through a punch or by simply pointing at his target. Hisoka is able to lay the Bungee Gum flat into a sheet if he needs to and it is durable enough to shield Hisoka from damage. When not attached to Hisoka the Gum can only stretch 10 meters.

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