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Major Story Arcs

Little is know of his early life and childhood except that he was a gifted poet whose father was a member of the yakuza. When his father died he was recruited by the head of Clan Tatsu, Lord Tatsu'o. Dispite wanting o be a poet he saw power in becoming a yakuza. Once there he met with future friends and rivals Fu’se, Kat’su’taro and others. These three however would be the closest to him in skill and rank as they mastered the Martial Arts of ancient Japan. They were trained in the way of the ninja through Ninjitsu and later on the way of the Samurai. Over the years they also became adept in the use of weapons both bladed and otherwise and the art of assassination.

Growing up in this environment they knew their lives were not their own as they themselves were simply tools for their lord. Killing, maiming and murdering were done on a daily basis and he shone as the most outstanding in skill and power.

Becoming more than human

Hiro and fellow Oyabun

Lord Tatsu’o was on the losing end of many Yakuza battles in Japan and over time clan Yashida and even Matsu'o hand faction gained more territory than him. To quell his losses and hopefully enable him to stand up to his rivals he contacted a world leader and cybernetic expert, suspected to be Donald Pierce but never revealed to enhance his warriors through technology. Some died undergoing the treatment which was more painful then anything any of them had endured before. In the end Hiro survived and was among the first to master his new gifts. He killed many men in service of his master with these abilities. He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant – thus becoming one of his masters Oyabun. his lord also favored him for his levelheadedness and his honor much like the ancient samurai.

Opal Tanaka

Hiro beats Iceman senseless

He comes in contact with the original X-Men while they were operating as the original X-factor. Him and fellow Cybersamurai capture Opal Tanaka by request of their master. There they realize she is his granddaughter and one of them will be the ones to take over from their lord by marrying and producing a blood heir with opal. He is the least interested of the lot yet the brief exchanges they have they discover kindred spirit within each other.

At a wrestling match between Clan Yashida and tetsu the clans clash and he realizes the honor of Iceman thus preventing hi from striking him down while his back is turned. He teleports away with the others well aware that his clan and Yashida will now be at war.

Soon enough he falls in love with Opal and despite his demeanor she becomes mutually attracted to him. When she tries to escape he is the one to convince her to stay, their closeness causes jealousy from his fellow Oyabun. He also discloses to her that if she does not behave her grandfather will beat her teachers or have them killed as he will think her behavior is their incompetence. He also tells her the story of her father and mother and what tragedy befell them as a result. When he has a routine check up he is subdued as Opal has revealed what he said to her and he is taunted by his fellow Oyabun who think he will be deactivated for his treachery and they will rise in rank and favor. He is then approached by his lord and freed as opal is fond of him and she explained that he had told her what he did so she would cooperate. The Oyabun realize he will be chosen and they try o get rid of him. They are unsuccessful however and then Iceman and clan Yashida stage a bold rescue attempt.

Hiro allows Iceman to win

In the fracas his lord is poisoned and when Iceman tries to take opal away the two do battle. At first they are evenly matched but when Iceman proposes a duel of honor without their powers he accepts and iceman is quickly knocked senseless by Shiro's superior Skill, strength and speed. When he is confronted by the possibility that he is now none human because he cant even shut off his enhancements he stops fighting back and allows Iceman to win, proving to himself that he is still a man.

Hiro wishes opal the best

Opal begs him to come with her but he instead bids her goodbye and remains in his lords manor while it explodes in an explosion. He survives however and abandons his clan which infuriates Tatsuo who views him as a son who has abandoned him much his his own biological one. He is marked for death and hunted down by his former allies. He runs into Opal and Iceman again and despite her wanting him to stay with her he wants her to have a normal life away from the madness that is his life and they part on friendly terms.

Some time later after Iceman has rejoined the X-Men, Hiro interrupts a dinner where Bobby is introducing Opal to his parents. Bobby's father is a racist and is opposed to the couple but the evening is further interrupted by the arrival of the Cyberai who have come to kill the Drakes. Hiro convinces Bobby to escape with Opal and he destroys himself and his former comrades to protect Opal and the Drakes from harm.

Powers and Abilities

Trained from an early age in the martial arts, including but not limited to ninjitsu, jujitsu, karate, tang so do and the way of the samurai. He is an excellent hand to hand combatant who also excels in the use of bladed weapons though he prefers open hand combat.

Hiro fighting Iceman

As a result of being infused with cybernetic enhancements he is faster, stronger, more agile and heal at an accelerated rate beyond the levels of even the best human athletes. His speed enables him to be comparable to quicksilver for short bursts. In battle with Iceman he was easily able to avoid all hits by the veteran X-man as if he were in slow motion. His strength allows him to lift roughly 10 tons. Iceman shocked at his strength thought he would make the hulk proud with his hits.


Yellow battle Armor

Yellow battle armor that enhances all of his already considerable abilities and allows flight. The armor is essentially a power suite as well. It has inbuilt weapon systems primarily an energy blade reminiscent of Psylocke's psi-blade which can disrupt the nervous system or render a brain dead and retractable blades in the wrist gauntlets.

A purple battle armor also exists which seems to be standard, it has none of the features of the yellow armor except protection from physical and concussive force along with a teleporter.

Physical Characteristics

Eyes: Black

Hair: Long Black

Height: 5'9

Weight: Unrevealed

Distinguishing features

Massive yakuza tattoos on his arms and back, ranging from elbow to his chest on both sides of his body and along most of his back. Also of note is a dragon tattoo on the right side of his face; it runs from his chin to forehead;this is his clans signature.

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