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A normal human being, Hiram Dobbs had always dreamed of escaping the city life and starting anew with his wife Mary.  They eventually sell all of their worldly possessions, charter a skow, and travel to uninhabited island in the Atlantic Ocean.  Between the two of them, they build their new cabin home and even start a garden together.  After his wife's death, Dobbs chooses to remain on the island because that's where his wife wanted to be.  He lives with peace, quiet, and contentment for many years.
Little did Dobbs know, however, that the island that he claimed as home is also home to a large deposit of vibranium.  Hungry for power, Roxxon Oil takes on the guise of U.S. Special Forces and attempts to collect the unique element.  In addition to their primary purpose, the company also uses the island to dump their petro-chemical and other high intensity radioactive wastes.   Unbeknownst to them, Namor was swimming close by in search of solitude.  Lungs filled with poisonous waters, Dobbs courageously rescues the unconscious Prince of Atlantis and saves his life by nursing him back to health.
During one of their dumping missions, Dobbs runs across Roxxon Oil and tries to defend his home when they attempt to take him off the island.   The Sub-Mariner comes to aid Dobbs, throwing a tank into an overhead 747 commercial jumbo jet that happens to harbor Tony Stark.  Investigating the cause of the crash, Iron Man finds Dobbs and Namor in a heated battle against Roxxon.  Due to a misunderstanding and a lack of communication, Namor defends Dobbs and his island against Iron Man.  Just when Iron Man seems to have gained the upper hand, Dobbs picks up one of the Roxxon troops' weapons and unleashes a series of deadly accurate "rocket bullets" at Iron Man, stunning him long enough for Namor to win the battle underwater.
When Iron Man comes to after Namor spared his life, Dobbs prevents any further altercation between the two Avengers by recounting his story.  He discloses that he had been living on the island for over 20 years, and that he had never seen the military on his island until that morning.  Dobbs lends Iron Man a gas-powered generator to recharge his armor, then the three of them set off to show Roxxon retribution.
Recognizing Roxxon's inevitable defeat, Jonas Hale detonates the explosives he was going to use to excavate the vibranium from the island.  Iron Man evacuates everybody off of the island, while Namor flies off with Dobbs protesting in hand.  Dobbs wishes to remain on the island, then sees the silent holocaust of an explosion, absorbed by the island's vibranium core.  His home for the past two decades destroyed, all Hiram Dobbs can do is utter his wife's name in dismay as he sails off with the U.S. Navy.

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