When Did Thomas Tresser Come To Paradise Island?

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Which issue did Thomas Treser Meet The Queen On Paradaise island?

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Wonder Woman #24

"I'm thousands of years too old for this *&^%"

This issue starts off with Wonder Woman taking Tom Tresser to Paradise Island (via her new magical flying seashell) to meet her mom. Yes, it appears their relationship has actually gotten that serious. I know some people here hate Tom because of the way a certain non-comic writer (*coughPicoultcough*) portrayed him, but he's been overall tolerable during Simone's run. When they reach the island, Tom helps Hippolyta feed the island's pet griffins while they discuss his intentions with Diana. In the end, not only does Hippolyta approve of Tom, but she makes him an honorary Amazon. Oh, and she tells Tom to give her some grandkids. I kid you not, the Queen of the Amazons utters the phrase "Babies, babies, babies."

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