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The Hippo is a "rehabilitating" criminal who joined the Redeemer. Their therapy sessions led by the Redeemer reveal why they are there and who they are and came to be. Hippo reveals he was once just an ordinary zoo hippopotamus until he received a random visit by a strange man in pink armor. The man who visited him was actually the High Evolutionary who changed him into a semi human hippopotamus. He had never felt the desire to obtain material goods or money but he found out the job market is pretty harsh on a big man hippo He was forced to resort to a life of crime and that is what led to him coming into confrontation with Spider Man. He and the teams main goal is to take out or "redeem" the Sinister Spider-Man, Mac Gargan, who owns the Symbiote known as Venom. Mac Gargan, as Spider Man had been capturing criminals and while doing so, he would bite off limbs of those he had captured. The Hippo had been captured and had his leg bit off and to help get their vengeance The Redeemer acquires experimental robots. The robots (he had to lie about how they would be used get them) were used to replace the missing limbs of those who suffered because of Mac Gargans and the symbiote's blood lust and raw insanity. Once they are outfitted with their replacement appendages their next step is to "redeem" Spider Man.

The Redeemers confront Spider Man, and the Redeemer demands he do therapy, apologize publicly, and do community service. Spider Man says he'll just eat them all, so Eleven attacks him. In less than a minute, Spider Man eats Eleven. In the ensuing fight, Hippo is tragically eaten as well.

Hippo battling Ronin and Spiderman

The Hippo reappears on the streets of New York City causing massive property damage as he engages Ronin (Clint Barton) and Spider Man in battle. Luke Cage is on the phone with his wife a couple stories high inside a parking structure as the fight with the Hippo ensues. Cage plummets from the parking structure and knocks out the Hippo when he lands on him.

Powers and Abilities

It appears he posses super strength and, since hippopotamuses have very thick hides, he is probably very durable. It has already been shown he is very adept to water.

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