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Time travel's effects

There are some artists in the comic book industry that by the single mention of their names mean an instant buy to me, and Jose Ladrönn definitely is one of this people I'm talking about. I first saw his art in the Cable series, written by Joe Casey and been following his work since then. One of the good things about following people you admire is that they have a tendency to work with artists of great caliber, what is the case here. Richard Starkings creates such an terrific atmosphere for this second chapter of sci-fi, time travel, philosophy, adventure and action story, with such integrated and fine tune dialogues, it was a shame when I reached the end, with the notion that I'll have to wait a whole year to see it's conclusion. Hip Flask and the Elephantmen are great and interesting characters, that alone, their origin, which is painted in this issue in some fragments, is reason alone to read it: the ethical boundery of genetics, the society's morals involved all that are awesome themes and they fit perfectly with the time travel novel Starkings is developing. So, fundamentaly, this is a comic book that entertains you, because of the clever and funny dialogues of Hip, and at the same time makes you thing with the high level of philosophy and social knowledge embedded with it, while you're having a great time cherishing and nurturing your geek side. Now, plus all the beautiful writing, there is the fantastic ilustrations and colors of the mexican artist, it's a sublime state of mind to apreciate his art, it's an ascencion to a higher place, Ladrönn's art is in sync, it makes me feel awesome, give me that and coffee + chocolate and there's no need for drugs, I get high with good art like Ladrönn's. His architecture knowledge combines perfectly with the sci-fi elements introduced in the narrative, also the character's faces explode with expressions and individuality and at the same time he mantains a great pace, there's action, some fights, great flashback scenes, this was an amazing issue (sure, he had a whole year to produce it!!). I higly recommend this issue for sci-fi fans!!

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