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A self proclaimed "Initiative B-list," Hijack was charged by Norman Osborn with the job of dismantling the Omega Machine and shipping it out of San Francisco alongside his partner, Input. The last thing he expected was to see any action, let alone that he would be facing off against the X-Man, Gambit. While his first reaction was to fight the intruder, Hijack went out with a bang when Gambit kinetically charged his armor and destroyed the entire right half of his torso.


Hijack possesses powers that appear akin to telekinesis; in his own words, "stuff that's already moving, I can tell it where to move." He demonstrated this by stopping four of Gambit's charged cards and firing them back at the Cajun. It is unclear what the upper limits of his powers were. It is also unclear whether or not Hijack is a mutant, or gained his powers through another method. 

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