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Highlander is a sentient pile of toxic waste and original member of the Kinsmen. His other teammates included Teleplex, Rapscallion Wee One, Boulder and Dyke. The Kinsmen are suppose to be Ireland's version of the Avengers and their first field assignment was to escort a retired Interpol agent, Sean Cassidy for a much delayed debriefing. Teleplex monitored the Kinsmen from a helicopter while the rest of the operatives head towards the Cassidy residence where they are greeted by the Banshee's daughter, Siryn. The Kinsmen inexperience leads to their downfall when they allow Siryn out of their sight and she changes into her costume. Siryn wants the Kinsmen out of her home but Wee One informs the lass that the government wants information from her dad and they are not leaving without him. Highlander rushes Siryn but she unleashes a powerful scream that knocks the toxic waste out of her home and scatters it into several pieces. Siryn makes quick work of the Kinsmen and puts all of them out of commission.


Highlander was created by Scott Lobdell and Larry Stroman in 1990 and first appeared in Marvel Comics Present # 43.  

Powers & Abilities

Highlander is a sentient being made out of toxic waste and possesses superhuman strength and durability. Highlander can sustain massive amounts of damage and trauma to its body because it can reform itself.  

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